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Love is a cancer

When time is passing by, you will notice that people are not rational as usual; like when I'm thinking of life and death, my mind gets all the way to an endless abyss. 

About love, his love; in a massive black hole with the sound of packs of wild dogs and the faint sound of flowers blooming under a bright moon. And he is standing there, right on the beaches where it is only sunset and the sands are gold. the sounds of sea waves are deep and profound, the air is crisp and warm. At that time I feel I'm so small, that could be held in his hands, and well protected in his power of love.

But in chaos of a cataclysmic event and the clicking of heels on cobblestone of women who are selling sex, you can still find him, getting in and out and through all of the gravity of reality, with agreeable melancholy. Alcohol speeds up something in his life, but understandable, in case you don't know him.

There's an abyss in the ocean of tears, struggles, and suffers with creatures unable to be grasped by mortals; terrifying to behold and powerful. The transform the deepest of pain into nyctophilia, some call them demons.

And then, there's the cancer.

In the days that last, want to be with you.


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